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Brief Overview
Monitoring application including auto shutdown feature for OMRON UPS devices from FreeBSD system. You can use this application according to the license as below without charge.
Operating Environment
i386 / amd64
2MB + free space for log files
Supported UPS
  • BZ35T (via USB)
  • BZ35LT2 (via USB)
  • BZ50T (via USB)
  • BZ50LT (via USB)
  • BZ50LT2 (via USB)
  • BX35F (via USB)
  • BX50F (via USB)
  • BY35S (via USB)
  • BY50FW (via USB)
  • BY50S (via USB)
  • BY75SW (via USB)
Attention: Not supported other than those above
You must read license as bolow and agree to use this application.
omronupsd version 0.5.10
FreeBSD 12.x - RELEASE - i386 (pkgng)
[ Size: 17108 byte, SHA1: 957baa22a482c1574b978f30ba7ed9876bef298f ]
FreeBSD 12.x - RELEASE - amd64 (pkgng)
[ Size: 18012 byte, SHA1: 0cab23b00178711e1b3b0cc0356370f59c7a7ced ]
omronupsd version 0.5.10
FreeBSD 13.x - RELEASE - i386 (pkgng)
[ Size: 18216 byte, SHA1: 043388dfe18556ee04de85c95df34bd04b6ce9bf ]
FreeBSD 13.x - RELEASE - amd64 (pkgng)
[ Size: 18024 byte, SHA1: 83004aa08e56c48fe9db4c43db433e8de3e7ee2d ]
root# pkg add omronupsd-x.x.x.txz
Create a configuration file for a target UPS device. If you want to monitor many UPS devices, create appropriate configuration files for each UPS devices and start monitor daemons for each devices with those configrations. Look at the sample file.
root# cd /usr/local/etc/omronupsd/
root# cp omronupsd.conf.sample omronupsd.conf
root# vi omronupsd.conf
Add startup settings to FreeBSD
root# vi /etc/rc.conf
/etc/rc.conf sample
(Add device name to omronupsd_devices with a space as demiliter and add omronupsd_DEVICENAME_flags, omronupsd_DEVICENAME_conf and omronupsd_DEVICENAME_pid settings if you want to monitor multiple devices at the same time.)
Check UPS connection by FreeBSD. After FreeBSD 8.0, you can use usbconfig(8) to check as below. Look at the online manual of usbconfig(8) for more details.
root# usbdevs
addr ?: BZ35T, OMRON
Start monitoring daemon and check the movement of the device and system by inserting and removing the power cable of the UPS. Monitoring messages are written as syslog(3) facility=daemon log. Look at the online manual of syslog.conf(5) for more details.
root# /usr/local/etc/rc.d/omronupsd start
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